The Aztec Ruins National Monument, on 318 acres, consists of dwellings and sacred structures built by Ancient Pueblo Indians in the 12th and 13th Centuries.
The eggs and hoodoos in the Bisti Wilderness were formed in sand and silt revealed 73 million years ago when the Western Interior Seaway receded.
The San Juan River is a 383 mile long major tributary of the Colorado River and a primary drainage for the Four Corners.
Navajo Lake is a 3800 feet long and 400 feet deep reservoir located in northeastern San Juan County, created from a dam completed in 1962.
Shiprock (Tsé Bitʼaʼí, "rock with wings") is a 27 million year old volcanic rock formation, designated as a National Natural Landmark, rising 1,583 feet above the desert.
Angel Peak Scenic Area is located 15 miles south of Bloomfield in San Juan County, with over 10,000 acres of rugged terrain, badlands and deep canyons.
The La Plata Mountains, seen from San Juan County, are a small subrange of the San Juan Mountains in sw Colorado, and includes Hesperus Mountain at 13,332 feet.
Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness (Bisti Badlands) is a 45,000-acre wilderness area full of rock formations made of sandstone, shale, mudstone, and silt.

Crime Rate

Property Crime

The amount of crime in a community is an indicator of the quality of life, of the degree to which people feel safe to move freely in their neighborhoods and enjoy raising a family without undue worry and concern. The Property Crime Index includes burglary, larceny and theft, and motor vehicle theft.

In 2018, the property crime index was similar to the U.S. and below New Mexico's rate. there were 2798 arrests for property crimes by the four law enforcement agencies that report to the FBI Uniform Crime program.
Number of Property Crimes in 2018

Trends in Property Crime

The rate of property crime has decreased across the state and the U.S.

San Juan County data are not available for 2019. In the 2019 FBI reports, San Juan County totals were not yet complete at the time of publication. Farmington Police, whose reports were complete for 2019, did report a reduction in crime; the number of property crimes reported by FPD decreasing from 1769 in 2018 to 1020 in 2019.

Violent Crime

In San Juan County in 2018, there were over 1500 violent crimes reported to the FBI Uniform Crime reporting system, giving a Violent Crime Index of 1187 crimes per 100,000. The Violent Crime Index includes murder, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. San Juan County's violent crime rate is similar to New Mexico's, but significantly above the U.S. rate. As noted above, San Juan County data are not yet available for 2019.

Number of Violent Crimes in 2018

Trends in Violent Crime

San Juan County's violent crime rate increased from 2015 to 2018. Data reports for San Juan County are not yet available for 2019. Farmington Police (FPD) reports, which are available according to FBI crime statistics, reported a reduction in violent crime. The FPD reported number of violent crimes decreased from 593 in 2018 to 323 in 2019.

Juvenile Arrests

In 2018, there were 594 juvenile arrests/delinquency court cases (316 Petitioned and 278 Non-petitioned), giving a rate of 38 arrests per 1,000 juveniles. This is similar to New Mexico's rate of 39 juvenile arrests per 1,000. The range across New Mexico's counties is 13 - 74.
Juvenile Arrests


There has been a downward trend in juvenile arrests, mostly due to the decrease in "non-petitioned" cases. Non-petitioned cases are those which often result in dismissal or informal sanctions such as fines, community service, informal probation, or referral to a social services agency.

County, state and national crime statistics available from: FBI Uniform Crime Reports:
Juvenile Crime statistics available from: Easy Access to State and County Juvenile Court Case Counts:
Property and Violent Crime Indeces are based on reports provided by four LE Agencies: Farmington PD, SJC Sheriff's Office, Aztec PD and Bloomfield PD. These numbers do not include State Police or Navajo Nation Police arrests.

**Data for 2019 are not included because the data are "not complete" for all 12 months for all 4 agencies that report for San Juan County. 

Violent and Property Crime Rates for San Juan County were (re)calculated using population estimates from UNM's BBER (to be consistent with data in NM-IBIS), and as a result differ slightly from FBI rates.

Juvenile arrests are not comparable across states due to different reporting practices, arrest rules and laws, as well as different juvenile age limits. 

For Juvenile Arrest Rates: The numerator is the number of delinquency cases formally processed in juvenile court (petitioned) and the number of delinquency cases informally handled (non-petitioned) for individuals ages 10 to the upper age of jurisdiction for a juvenile court.

Non-petitioned cases often result in dismissal or informal sanctions such as fines, community service, informal probation, or referral to a social services agency.

Petitioned cases could also be dismissed, but the accused juvenile offender still has their case processed by a juvenile court judge before determining their decision.

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